Typepad to WordPress

My subscription on typepad was coming due and with the small amount of blogging I do, I could not justfied the cost.   Decided to move to wordpress 2.6 and the process was faily painless.  After installing WordPress 2.6, I exported my posts from Typepad using their standard features and then uploaded to WordPress.  As images were not transfered, I had to upload them into WordPress.  Since I had all the originals on my computer I did not bother with exporting the images from Typepad.  Next I did some minor corrections on some internal links that still referenced the old site.   Once done and validated, I switched the DNS and my new WordPress site appeared.    While WordPress has many plugs-in and themes, I tried to keep the two sites the same for now, including adding my Recommended Reading list using the Amazon Showcase plugin.  Also matched the Google Adsense and Analytics.  If I begin to blog more again, then I may update the theme and look for additional plug-ins!

Oh – as soon as I was done, WordPress 2.7 was released and I went ahead and upgraded.  No problems there either!

Happy  New Year!

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